Play Therapy
Therapy using children's play and fantasy as a means of connecting, communicating, working through, and helping young children develop the skills to manage emotional and behavioral problems.

Individual Child Psychotherapy
Talk and/or play therapy focused on helping children understand and manage emotions and behaviors.

Family Therapy
Parent-child and/or sibling treatment 

Parent Coaching / Therapy
Parent coaching and parent guidance, marital/relational enhancement, understanding child development, tools and strategies for supporting children with various things. Click Here to see our Specialties page for some examples. 

Yes! That’s right. It IS possible to do play therapy with kids online via video, teletherapy. Read more here.

Divorce Therapy Program
An important program focused on helping children and parents successfully make it through a divorce and beyond. Contact us for more information.

Infant-Parent Psychotherapy
Focused on building the bond between infants & parents  

DIR/Floortime Therapy

Developmental, Individual Differences, Relationship-Based Therapeutic Model designed to build healthy foundations for social, emotional, and intellectual capacities in children on the autism spectrum and with regulatory, sensory processing, and/or other developmental challenges by following the child’s natural emotional interests (lead) and at the same time challenge the child towards greater and greater mastery of capacities 

Developmental Assessments
Social-emotional and developmental assessments of infants and toddlers; school readiness evaluations

Trainings, presentations, workshops, seminars, discussion groups 

Clinical Consultation
Clinical consultation and licensing supervision 

Clinical Research
Clinical research and research consultation, survey designs, program evaluations, needs assessments