Friday, March 20, 2020

Video Play Therapy with Kids

Kids are dealing with a lot of routine changes and uncertainty right now. This can have an effect on their behavior and mood as anxious, fearful and confusing feelings arise.

Video play therapy can help. It IS possible to do play therapy with kids online via video.

With "tweens" and teens, video sessions are pretty easy because much of their lives exist in the digital world already.

So, how does this work with younger kids? Actually, much of the process is similar to an in-person office session. To address feelings and behaviors, therapists engage kids through play and other creative activities, which is their language and how they learn emotional regulation and behavior management. 

During video play therapy sessions, kids and therapists:
• Set boundaries and rules together
• Direct each other’s actions and movements
• Narrate what they’re doing
• Make observations
• Talk, ask questions, share feelings and make connections to behaviors
• Work on healthy coping skills

Video sessions can be great for kids because:
• Kids like having access to their personal things (e.g., toys, stuffed animals, books, artwork, etc.)
• Kids enjoy allowing the therapist into their “space”
• Kids more openly share things about themselves via video
• Kids feel a sense of pride and "specialness"
• Kids experience a sense of comfort, safety and control
• These types of sessions offer a lot of flexibility for the whole family

All of this allows for in-depth therapeutic work to take place and for meaningful emotional and behavioral change.

Don't hesitate to give it a try! Child Therapy Chicago & Naperville is offering teletherapy video sessions for kids of all ages. Call us today to discuss and get started!

Be well.
Dr. Denise