Account Login

This is the link to log into our secure portal.

Click on this link and then click the “I’m an Existing Client” button at the top.

IMPORTANT - Please add and to your email Contacts or Address Book, to help prevent our system emails from getting lost in Junk or Spam folders. However, do not send emails to these addresses since these are just the system's addresses for sending emails to you.

The SimplePractice secure portal that we are using will generate a super bill document that you can include when submitting a reimbursement request to your insurance company. If you don’t currently have a DX diagnosis code, the system will generate a statement for you, which shows your appointments and is not meant for submitting to insurance. These documents will be generated by the system on the 3rd day of the following month, and you will receive an email.

To access the super bill or statement, look under the Billing & Payments tab. Then, the statements are listed under the Statements section and the super bills are listed under the Insurance Reimbursement Statements section. The section headers will show you how many documents there are. Click on the section header if you do not see the documents at first.  Please see the picture below.

Also, you can log into the portal at any time to view the details for the sessions you have had. Note – The invoice for each session does not include the DX diagnosis code if you are submitting requests to your insurance company, so you will need the super bill that is generated the following month.

Please email your assigned therapist and if you have any questions or issues using the portal.

Billing & Payments tab picture