Thursday, June 25, 2020

In-Person OR Teletherapy Sessions Available!

Child Therapy Chicago & Naperville is OPEN, once again, for in-person psychotherapy sessions AND we are also still able to continue offering teletherapy sessions.

Many families have come to appreciate the value and unique aspects of video sessions and it’s working for them. Plus, several insurance companies have extended telehealth coverage reimbursement - some through the end of 2020 and others through July, as of now, making ongoing video sessions possible for at least a while longer. Talk of more permanent, long-term telehealth insurance coverage options at the State and National level are ongoing.

However, we recognize that, for some kiddos and families, their particular circumstances and issues may be better served by working together in-person (e.g., very young children, kids with anxiety around video sessions, easily distractible kids, kids with limited privacy in the home, etc.).

For a return to in-person sessions, several health and safety protocols have been implemented and families, as well as the therapists, must agree to and be able to adhere to these protocols. These protocols are similar to what you might have experienced if your child has been to the dentist, pediatrician, speech or occupational therapist in recent weeks (e.g., wearing masks, temperature checks, in-office air purifiers, enhanced disinfecting procedures between sessions, etc. See our Forms Page to view our COVID-19 Preparedness Plan).

We know there are many things to consider when thinking about in-person sessions, teletherapy or some combination of both. This is a very personal choice. We are happy to talk with you about your circumstances, goals and concerns and work with your child and family in the way that makes the most sense for everyone’s health, safety and emotional well being.

Give us a call to discuss your options in more detail.

Stay safe and healthy.

Dr. Denise