Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Co-parenting: When Your Child Returns

The beginning of your child’s return to your home can be challenging and may need some adjustment time. Try the following to help your child adjust:

Keep things low-key.
When your child first enters your home, try to have some down time together—read a book or do some other quiet activity.

Double up.
To make packing easier and your children feel more comfortable, make sure that each home provides the general basics—toothbrush, hairbrush, pajamas.

Allow your child to have space.
Children often need some time to adjust to the transition. If they seem to need space, do something nearby, but allow them to take the time they need to adjust back to your home life routines.

Establish a special routine.
Play a game or have the same special meal each time your child returns. Children thrive on routine—if they know exactly what to expect when they return to you, it can help to create a positive transition.