Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Co-parenting: When Your Child Leaves

It is important to remember that the move from one household to another, whether it is every few days or just on weekends, can be a difficult transition for children. 

Each reunion with one parent is also a separation with the other. In most joint custody agreements, transition time is inevitable, but there are things you can do to help make parenting time exchanges easier, both when your children leave and return.

As your children prepare to leave your house, try to stay positive and have them ready on time. You can use the following strategies to help make transitions easier:

Help children anticipate change.
Provide reminders a day or two before any parenting time exchanges.

Pack in advance.
Depending on their age, help children pack their bags well before they leave so they don’t forget anything they’ll miss. Encourage packing transitional items, like a special stuffed toy or picture.

Always drop off your child.
It’s a good idea to avoid "taking" your child from the other parent so that you do not risk interrupting or shortening a special moment. Drop off your child at the other parent’s house instead.