Tuesday, April 26, 2011


In the spirit of sharing knowledge, select Child Therapy Chicago posts will now also be available on ChicagoNow (a Chicago Tribune website) in their Life and Style section. I was invited to be a contributing blogger. To see a summary of Child Therapy Chicago posts on ChicagoNow and/or to look at comments made on other blog posts, you can click on the profile Denise Duval, PhD, LCSW - Profile and check back regularly for updates.

The posts made to ChicagoNow highlight child development, behavior, social, and emotional problems, parenting, school issues, peer relationships, etc. with a focus on issues affecting Chicago families. If you have any particular topic areas you would like to see discussed, want to share a thought, opinion, or advice, please feel free to email your comments to Denise@ChildTherapyChicago.com.

Thanks for your ongoing support!

Keywords: Child Therapy Chicago, ChicagoNow, Chicago Tribune, child behavior, social problems, emotional problems, parenting, school issues, peer relationships