Tuesday, April 12, 2011


This entry is in response to a blog post in ChicagoNow on 3-12-2011. The author openly shares his experiences being adopted at six days old and feeling the emotional ramifications of it well into adulthood.

This post about feeling "broken" speaks volumes about the importance of early childhood experiences and relationships, not only for adopted children but all children. Having a sense of safety, security, consistency, and nurturance is key to healthy emotional growth and development and it begins in the womb. How caregivers feel about and respond to their children has a significant affect on the development of their children's own sense of self and personality from the earliest days of their lives.

For those whose early nurturing experiences were disrupted in some way and they find this playing out in their adult life, it is possible to heal. A therapeutic environment that provides that safety, security, consistency, and nurturance can help them process their experiences, understand their motivations, mourn their losses and move forward in their lives.

It is important to note that not all adopted children carry an emotional burden into adulthood. A loving, warm, emotionally supportive and safe environment can help mitigate some of the potential risk factors associated with earlier disrupted relationships.

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