We have come so far since we first called panicking about our son's behavior!  I wanted to let you know how grateful we are for the time we have spent with with our therapist at Child Therapy Chicago. She went above and beyond for us and we are in such a better place because of her. She was able to witness many of the behavioral issues we were struggling with and show us how to handle them real-time. In addition to the sessions, she sent such insightful emails with ideas and resources and seems to truly care about our son and our progress. We have a newfound confidence that we can manage things with our son.  I will be sure to let others know about Child Therapy Chicago.
- BN from Lakeview; mother of a 3 1/2 year old boy

"Dr. Denise and the therapist made our family feel safe and welcome during a time of family crisis.  They offered a place of safety and calm when things were chaotic at home.  When we first contacted Dr. Denise, our family was in the midst of breakdown and divorce and our 3 year old daughter was struggling to make sense of our changing situation. Dr. Denise and the therapist gained my daughter's trust, met her where she was and helped her to develop her own voice to express her grief, worry and sadness around the divorce.  Individually, Dr. Denise met with us to support our parenting and give guidance on helping our daughter to get to a place of healing. Our therapist was available by email and phone when we would have questions or need some extra support between sessions.  I am happy to say that our now five year old is confident, happy and moving forward. I will always be grateful we found Child Therapy Chicago."
-VS from Edgewater

"Dr. Duval has a casual, playful way about her that makes my son so comfortable. He actually likes going to work with her and has made great progress."
-Brenda from Lincoln Park

"I've felt very challenged over the years with the behavior of my children and, particularly, by my reactions to their behaviors. Our therapist always listens calmly and normalizes the experiences for me; she helps me understand their (and my) behavior. I always come away from our conversations with a more balanced perspective and feeling more compassionate and competent. Thanks!"
-Jennifer from Oak Park; mother of two, one with special needs

"Dr. Denise Duval  is truly gifted! She is all what you would want in a therapist: she knows how to connect with you, she knows how to make one feel at ease in what is, for most, a vulnerable situation, she truly listens and catches underlying issues and actually explains and breaks them down in ways that make sense to you and are useful for your own development. The fact that she is funny and clever makes working with her even more enjoyable and enriching. I can confidently say that I have come a long way under her guidance over the years and I am truly thankful for that and for her."
-CKA from Chicago

"Denise has the dual ability to relate to kids on their levels, and to parents on an adult level.  She is warm and inviting and follows the child's cue.  Denise seems to have an inviting connection with kids that makes them feel immediately at ease, so there was no transition time for my 6-year old daughter to become comfortable with her (as is usually the case when she she meets new people).  In fact, I noticed an almost sudden change in my daughter's behavior in that she was more content and at ease in general.  On an adult level, Denise has the skill to distill the fundamentals from what my child shared with her, and translate that into relevant meaning for me.  Denise is extremely accessible, approachable, and responsive.  Anytime I had a question I would email her, and somehow in her presumably busy day she would find time to email me back within the same day.  The email replies went above and beyond answering the question I would originally pose; she would address that head on, then provide hypothesis or theories on her perspective of the issue at hand, then provide suggestions on how to address.  Every time I spoke with or corresponded via email with Denise, I learned something valuable.  I feel at the close of our meetings with Denise that my daughter is much happier (which makes me as her parent much happier).  I also feel more equipped as a parent to help my daughter on my own, because Denise provided me a great arsenal of "tools" to use moving forward."
-LW from Lakeview

I was very glad to have found Child Therapy Chicago to help our son identify and work through some anxiety issues he was experiencing. My son had an instant connection with our therapist and looked forward to his sessions with her. We saw immediate progress and gained a better understanding of what might be going on in his little mind. It is sometimes difficult to distinguish whether or not a particular behavior is typical of a child at certain age or is unique to a child’s personality. Our therapist was excellent at giving us insight into our son’s feelings and behavior. I also appreciated that she gave us detailed feedback on our son’s sessions and was always available to answer our many many questions.
-VMD from Oak Park

The therapist at Child Therapy Chicago was absolutely amazing with my 6 year old child. My child grew to trust her and they truly connected. Through this trust and connection, the therapist was able to get to the root of the issue and we were able to resolve the issue. The staff at Child Therapy Chicago truly cared for my daughter's well being and proved to be a great support to me as well. The work with Child Therapy Chicago will serve my child through her life.
-LC from Oak Park

"Our school has had a very positive experience working with Child Therapy Chicago. Dr. Duval and her staff were able to tailor a workshop for us on the importance of play and how it benefits children cognitively, socially and psychologically. I would definitely consult with them again."
-Pam Rock, LCSW from St. Viator school, Chicago, IL