Monday, November 5, 2018

Self-Regulation Skills for Preschoolers

You can help your child develop self-regulation skills by incorporating simple activities into their daily lives. The following are tips that will promote your child’s self-regulation skills for school and life.

Include your child in the decision-making process
Your child models your language, as well as the processes you use to make thoughtful decisions. When you weigh in your child’s ideas, you help them to develop the confidence and skills to think actively and independently.

Provide regular exploratory playtime
Playtime allows your child the ability to plan their own activities, find and develop interests, explore materials, problem solve and even use simple abstract thinking. Most importantly, these experiences support the idea that self-guided play and learning is valuable.

Provide tasks/responsibilities for your child to complete independently
Encourage your child’s independence by giving them age appropriate tasks to complete. This will spark confidence and create initiative within the child that will influence future behavior.

Engage your child in exploratory conversations
Encourage your child’s language development by engaging them in meaningful conversations. Allow for your child to explore and explain thoughts and feelings.

Support emotional and behavioral self-control

Model positive behavior management skills. Seek to understand your child’s limits and provide support to help your child gain control over his or her behavior. Encourage your child explore emotions and provide safe ways to cope with negative emotions.