Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Buzz Words

UrbanDictionary.com is officially my new best friend.  Working with tweens and teenagers all day, I have come to know it well (and officially added it to the “Favorites" tab on my internet browser).  

There is a big trend right now among young people with “code words”.  Teenagers have developed their own language and form of communication, so “us adults” can’t figure out what they’re talking about (mainly because it’s probably not appropriate, ESPECIALLY in a school setting).  

However, when a student calls someone a “thot” (aka hoe) or continues to repeats the word “milk” (the tastiest s#@t ever) in their conversation and there's no milk in sight or you know this kid has a dairy allergy (lol!), it starts getting suspicious.

With all types of the social media and texting, it seems there is an acronym for everything (lol - laugh out loud - ttyl - talk to you later, :-) - smiling).  It's hard enough to decipher each of those everyday, but now kids are using other words in place of something inappropriate as a way to talk about it in front of others (specifically adults).  And teachers and parents are on to them.  

If I ever find myself suspicious about a word that just didn’t fit right in a conversation I overheard among a bunch of teenagers, I type it into Urban Dictionary.  And lo and behold, each time, it comes up with a “different meaning” to that word or phrase, and usually highly inappropriate.  References to sex, drugs, alcohol, and bullying are the main themes. Schools are in high alert for these terms now and try to get the “word” out to staff and parents ASAP. It may be beneficial for parents to keep an ear out as well.

So beware of these code words and words used totally out of context! I’ll save you the disturbances by not going through all of these words with you and leave it up to you and the urban dictionary!

Posted by Shawna Paplaski, LCPC