Saturday, February 14, 2015

Divorce and Children

Divorced or Going Through Divorce?  A Special Way to Help Kids and Parents With the Struggles.

Many of the families Child Therapy Chicago sees are struggling with the emotional and physical challenges of separation and divorce. 

The children are acting out, regressing in behavior (e.g., clingy, tantrums, whining, etc.) they are having sleeping and eating problems, becoming withdrawn, anxious, and angry, and sometimes start having problems in school/daycare or with peers. 

As parents, what can you do to help your kids and yourselves through this?

Even in the most amicable of divorces, parents are often emotionally overwhelmed, frustrated, tired, sad, and angry and are trying to figure out how to successfully co-parent and keep their children out of the middle of the divorce. These families need support. 

Child Therapy Chicago is dedicated exclusively to helping children (including toddlers and preschoolers) and their parents. 

We provide a special program of psychodynamically oriented play and talk therapy to children whose parents are going through divorce. 

The process begins with a 3 session assessment to get a sense of the children's development, the family history, and how the children are experiencing the divorce. 

Subsequent sessions may be individual with the children, with both parents and children present, and/or with the parents alone to work on issues of co-parenting and understanding their children's needs during this time of change.  

We will stay with the family and serve as an ongoing source of support as long as needed, through and beyond the divorce.